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Standard Chiropody Appointment

A standard appointment includes (as required):

  • Nail cut and file

  • Nail thinning

  • Fungal / general nail advice

  • Ingrown nail relief

  • Corn and callus removal

  • General foot and shoe advice

  • Foot cream to finish


£35 per person

Appointments Mon, Tue & Thur

9.30 earliest | 4.30 latest


Diabetic Foot Check-Ups

If you are diabetic you will most likely have regular diabetic foot check-ups with either your GP or a nurse. Its important to manage the feet in diabetes to help prevent possible problems such as infections.

We offer a diabetic foot check-up service that covers both circulation and sensation in the feet and can send a report to your GP if required.

This is an add-on service to a standard appointment. GP letters at no extra cost.



We offer a simple insole service which aims to reduce the discomfort of painful corns and callous by reducing pressure to these areas. This can be achieved by adding wedges and padding to different parts of the insoles.

This is an add-on service to a standard appointment.

£13 per pair

Basic Insoles


There are many different ways of aiding certain problems such as hammered toes, bunions, metatarsalgia and more. We have available various different types of solutions available, e.g. toe seperators and metatarsal pads, and can assist you to find the best one.

All items individually priced.

Padding, strapping etc

We accept both cash and cheque. Unfortunately we cannot accept card payments at this time.

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